5 reasons to choose wooden windows over uPVC

We think that wooden windows maintain their own against uPVC. Here are 5 reasons why:

1. Naturally insulating material to create for a warmer house

Despite common misconceptions: wood is a natural insulator helping to make the material a candidate for the doors and windows of any home. Any warmth in the house will have a difficult time escaping once installed, meaning homeowners may rely and rather enjoy the money saved on their heating bills!

2. An Inherently classic look

Wooden windows beat uPVC each time concerning offering both contemporary and period homes the supreme traditional touch. Wood was the alternative for century windows in Britain rendering it the perfect selection for all those prior to being jeopardized with its cousin. Contemporary wood has improved since that time, allowing century homeowners appreciate the two traditional looks.

3. Widely accepted to be used in conservation areas

Certain regions of Britain are classed under conservation, as a few people will understand. Signifying places which are of particular architectural or historical interest, properties featured are permitted to use wooden windows. This is done in a bid to carry on the features of properties, on incorporating frames unless styled to look like wood, and neighborhood council authorities look back.

4. Longer life span for lasting beauty

Wooden windows usually last much longer and as such can get much higher warranties, some offering up to 60 years. This is the type of lifespan unattainable by uPVC, and more than makes up to the price premium. Whereas doorways will last to spoil houses with their attractiveness windows are cheap but continue around 20 decades.

5. Easy to customise and re-colour

Wooden doorways are amazingly customisable despite their authenticity that is inherent in the material, although you may not believe it. Wood frames can be painted, sanded, then re-painted to let your house remain current with current trends, whereas with UPC windows you are forced to create that important aesthetic choice and live with this.

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