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5 Unique Headboards that can be very useful

For many people, headboards serve little purpose, but there are many headboards built out there that both look great and serve another purpose, this article will go through some of these headboard styles and explain what makes these so unique and useful!

Bookshelf Headboard

This headboard style is perfect for the avid reader who loves to read in bed and/or read well into the night, this is because this bookshelf styles headboard allows for easy management of books and lets you have ease of access for when you want to do some midnight reading and for also when you are ready to put the book away but don’t want to get out of the bed to put the book away on a book shelf.

Thin Linen Headboard

thin linen headboard

A more conventional headboard that still offers a lot to your bedroom with its neutral and accommodating look and the fact that it takes up little space, which is perfect for those looking for a solution that takes up less room or have a smaller space/bedroom to work with.

Storage Headboard

storage headbo

For those who want their headboard to also serve as a great place to store everything, then this headboard style is for you, it can be used similarly to a book shelf headboard, but with additional space for other items you could need nearby at bed time.

Headboard with serious padding

For those who love to lean in their bed, this headboard with serious padding is perfect for you! This headboard looks great with the added function of having a great amount of padding that makes it very comfortable to lean on for long periods of time.

Nightstand Headboard

This headboard is great for so many reasons, some of which include the fact that it helps to clear up floor space while giving storage functionality, as well as how the style and design of this wall mounted headboard really lifts up the room!

Where can I buy headboards like these?

If you are interested in a headboard like the above, that has more thought put into it to make it do more than just look great in your bedroom, then you’re looking for a bespoke and hand made headboard built for your needs and requirements, and for that, I cannot suggest anywhere other than the leading bespoke headboards UK residents rely on, so if you’re interested, then give them a look!

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