In a world of negativity, where everywhere you go on the web, you are constantly reminded about how life sucks…

Even this page, as part of its push to show you that we are a light in the tunnel, has to mention it, its that bad!

One day, I had enough of all the negativity and decided to create Little Story, your one safe haven from all the negativity, where we share all the feel good news, stories and articles that will make you feel good, even on the worst of days!

Just remember, there is always a reason to smile!

Adverts Don’t Make You Happy

Since adverts can ruin the design of a website, make it run slower and even dampen your day depending on the content, we will not make money on Little Story in the way of traditional banner or video advertisements managed by a massive company out of our control who could show you any advertisement they feel like. At the moment we don’t have any monetisation on the site, and as long as I do this part time and for fun and positivity, there shouldn’t be a need.

Adverts don’t make you happy, feel good content does, and that is our focus.