Barber Shop Swoops into Assist Run Restaurant When Staff Requires COVID:’We could Not ask for better Acquaintances’

Like most restaurants fighting to remain afloat in the aftermath of this COVID-19 pandemic, Würstbar had accommodated it is business model to satisfy the present guidelines. Regrettably, a team member was subjected to this virus. Rather conducted risk spreading the illness, the management determined the best plan of action was to shut down at least temporarily.

“No, we’re not randomly shut for renovations! “We, sadly, had exposure to COVID-19 in Würstbar.

“Würstbar is a little group run by exceptionally hardworking and loyal employees. Running the restaurant with just non-exposed employees is not an option for us in the present time.

“We decided as a group that we’d shut until each worker exposed or not was analyzed and can go back to work confident in their security, and equally important, our guests’ security.

“Thanks to @hdsid_jc and Prestige Health Mobile for obtaining the whole staff analyzed so fast.

Word of Würstbar’s crew quarantine immediately made the rounds of this tight-knit community. Fortunately, Würstbar’s neighbours are fairly wünderbar.

In under 24 hours, employees from Virile Barber Shop up the road hauled up, offering to give a hand by making changes to maintain Würstbar available for business until the affected staff members could be removed and tested.

“The weather is too nice out to allow our neighbours at Würstbar to remain closed!” Virile Barber Shop proprietor Andre Fersa posted. “I have taken over the pub and’m selling PRETZELSbeer, wine and citrus for outside seating only. Come by and support this excellent staff”

As anticipated, the thankful Würstbar staff was singing the praises of those generous community volunteers who had pitched to keep their doors open. “A big thank you for the team at @virile for shooting over Würstbar yesterday, which has been a blast! We love this community also could not ask for much better neighbours.

“Let’s not overlook barbershops and salons were hit as tough as restaurants throughout the shutdown. In case you’ve got the means, please make that excess cut and look your best for the own Zoom telephone or distanced gathering.”

Now given, a candy store in this way about neighbours moving the excess mile for each other when the chips are down might not be the very best thing that you hear daily, but it sure will not function as würst.

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