Bob Ross event setup by art teacher to cheer up stressed students

As a way of rewarding her students, this school teacher gave them the opportunity.

She educates 48 pupils between two Placement courses, and her pupils’ vast majority are low-income.

Sloane lately started to observe that a good deal of the children were stressed out within their demeanor, and she wondered how she would reward her pupils for their hard work and extend them a rest from the strain — and that is when she got the idea to draw some inspiration in the arty zen master himself: Bob Ross.

Sloane chose to sponsor a Bob Ross flash telescope for her pupils. Because of an effective fundraiser on Donors Choose, she managed to raise $500 to purchase enough paints for four dozen pupils. The pupils, not just that whipped up four dozen Bob Ross costumes.

“When my pupils were informed about this undertaking, they had been excited, we immediately started putting together sourcing and pendants wigs,” says Sloane.

Their efforts came to fruition when Sloane screened an episode of Ross tv series and set up a projector in the school auditorium, last week. Together with palettes in hand, music stands were used by the pupils as easels in order that they make accidents of their own and can paint away their stress.

“The afternoon of this event was amazing,” says Sloane. “Students arrived, got their wigs and got to work! They worked hard and had good focus… they’re always great employees and perform well in my course, but I had been proud of these!”

You can see the full video:

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