Largest Public Food Forest Planted in Atlanta

As a way of providing food to each of its citizens and ending hunger, the city of Atlanta is creating the biggest food woods in the USA.

As per a fresh bit of law which has been passed a week, the meals park is going to be located on seven acres of empty manicured property near Lakewood Heights.

The ordinance says that the city intends to”transform these previously empty properties into a public park with edible trees, shrubs, vines and groundcover” together with”public gathering spaces, walking paths, community garden beds along with a restored woods and stream-side locations.”

Conclusion of this Urban Food Forest will pave the way to the city’s aim of ensuring that 85 percent of the inhabitants will be inside a half-mile of food that is new from 2021.

Once finished, the town plans on developing a trust fund to guarantee a supply of funding for the long term upkeep of the park.

The plot of land was bought in 2016 from the Conservation Fund, a nonprofit committing to maintaining and purchasing natural property. According to the town ordinance, the charity will continue to work to keep the room.

This is Atlanta’s first urban food woods — and because there were allegedly about 70 designated public meals woods in the usa at 2018, it creates their trailblazing initiative even more impressive.

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