Why Gucci is so Popular

Gucci is an immensely popular brand, with its market including the financial elite and modern musician alike, with Gucci being a flex for the wearer to be able to show off their wealth, taste and style. This article aims to cover why the Gucci brand is so immensely popular.

It is worth noting that this popularity in Gucci hasn’t always been the case, and it is only recently that Gucci has shone as much as it has, which is due to some modern changes in both the company structure as well as public perception due to key figures expressing their love for the brand.

Flex in Rapping

Gucci has always been used as a flexing point in rapping, but Since the rise of “lil Pump” and his track “Gucci Gang” the popularity has shot up exponentially, and there is no doubt that some of this can be attributed to this artist, with the track having over 800 million views, and topping charts all around its time of release, and while Lil Pump has his fair share of controversy, the fact this track got so much popularity helped to bring Gucci back into the public view, which was pushed further when other rappers then rapped about Gucci in an attempt to capitalise on the success of Gucci gang.

Celebrity Endorsement

Whenever a celebrity wears of represents Gucci on their social media, the post goes viral, and with the level of support and communication Gucci has with celebrities, this all helps to ensure that as large a group of people as possible are made aware of Gucci and its brand power.

To Conclude

To conclude my findings, it looks like the success of Gucci is one part being in the right place, at the right time, with the right mentions, and another part intelligent marketing and branding, with these both working in synergy to bring Gucci into the leading spot in most peoples eyes for designer clothing. It would be easy to say Gucci got lucky, but this is massively undervaluing the skill of their marketing department and the brand power they had before all of this.

Be a part of the wave

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